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Making a difference, one life at a time

We Care Facilities provides affordable housing, services and programs for Dallas/Fort Worth. We offer two types of affordable housing programs that reflect the fixed income of the disabled and the retired seniors of our community. Our Residential Care Homes offer private pay options that are conveniently lower than assisted living homes, and yet our value of services are top notch! Our group homes work with the fixed rate of SSI and SSDI while offering quality housing programs. WCF facilities serve veterans, seniors, recovering addicted persons, and those with mental health, mild retardation and learning disabilities.

Our founder Melonie Baker is a graduate of the University of North Texas, and a thirteen-year ongoing Educational Specialist. She is a Ticket to Work Provider for the state of Texas, and a member of the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance. She is certified in Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Mild Retardation and PDD. She has extensive experience dealing with learning disabilities and individuals with developmental issues including MR, ADHD, and PDD. She is committed to the advancement of education, life skills, behavioral skills, social skills, career skills, and spirituality; providing a holistic approach which uplifts the individual, both inside and out.

Contact Melonie Baker at m.lifebetter@live.com

Our Homes

WCF's group homes serve low-income disabled individuals from Dallas, Denton, Collin, and Tarrant Counties and the surrounding areas. The men's and women's homes are located on a quiet, tree-lined suburban block, within walking distance of two beautiful parks, a city recreational center, a newly remodeled library, and public transportation. The homes are conveniently located less than 5 minutes from I-35E, and Emergency services including the fire department, police, and hospitals are all less than 10 minutes away.

These exterior photos of our Men's and Women's Homes show the quiet beauty of the landscaping and the surrounding neighborhood.

Our Services

A bloom from our own garden: together with our dedicated staff, residents of WCF take part in the beautification of their home.

A residential care facility is a group living arrangement designed to meet the needs of those who can benefit from additional assistance, motivation, and guidance while still maintaining some independence in a group setting.

A good candidate for our services does not exhibit extensive health problems which might require 24-hour nursing care (mobility issues, difficulty with feeding or bathing, or inability to control urinary or fecal discharge). Individuals exhibiting these problems are better suited to a nursing home. Residents who qualify through Medicare, Medicaid, state programs, or entitled PHC (Primary Home Care) are serviced by Personal Care Attendants with additional assistance instrumental to daily living.

In order to maintain a safe and supportive environment, We Care Facilities gladly opens our doors to those with mental disorders or mental illnesses, as long as the candidate's mental illness does not cause dangerously violent or unlawful behavior that would not be conducive to community living. WCF does not provide housing for violent criminals, those guilty of spousal or child abuse, or sex offenders.

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WCF-LLC strives to keep our group facilities safe, pleasant, and welcoming for all residents, and to provide for needs not usually met in situations of homelessness or chronic unemployment. Both the men's and women's homes include:

  • Fully-furnished semi-private rooms with linens provided
  • Ample personal storage space and resident-decorated areas
  • On-site laundry with soap provided
  • A spacious living area with cable TV, books, and movies
  • Small staff-to-resident ratio (usually 1:5)
  • Three prepared meals per day (residents provide food)
  • Assistance with medication management and enrollment in aid programs
  • Walking distance to local recreational activities and public transit
  • Social programs, planned outings, life skills training, and job assistance
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In addition to housing and nutrition, we provide our residents with a mentally and physically stimulating environment. Through planned activities, social outings, field trips, job and school assistance, and goal setting; disabled persons are afforded an equal opportunity to enjoy a well-rounded life, and to live to their fullest potential.

    Some quick facts about our residents:
  • 96% of our residents have not returned to mental hospitals since being enrolled in our programs.
  • 40% of our residents are actively employed at least part-time
  • 30% of our residents are enrolled in educational programs
  • 30% of our residents take part in outside church and social functions
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Educational Programs

Image of a seed being planted: with proper care, even the smallest among us can grow and thrive.

We Care Facilities encourages our residents to set individualized goals for personal development. Many residents take part in educational programs such as adult literacy and G.E.D. preparation, as well as enrichment activities such as art and dance classes. Veterans and residents over 50 often join in weekly Senior Recreational programs.

Adult Literacy

The Denton Public Library proudly sponsors a Literacy Program for adults needing help with reading skills. This program is geared for ages 18 and up. In collaboration with the Library, WCF provides assistance to tutors and students in finding training materials. Similar programs are in place for our Dallas County residents as well.

Career Skills

As a Ticket To Work provider, WCF prepares our residents to successfully re-enter the workforce by providing assistance with job searches, resume preparation, and interview skills. Many residents also enroll in computer classes to better prepare them for the workplace of the 21st century.

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At We Care Facilities, each resident is responsible for his or her own growth through learning. Upon enrollment in our programs, our staff works closely with each new resident to develop a unique plan for educational and career goals. Course attendance is required: residents are expected to adhere to their individual programs and take ownership of their own success.

Transportation and Fees

Transportation in the local area is often included. Medicaid (non-QMB) is a preferred way to ensure transit to medical related appointments. Transportation for Educational programs, Recreational Centers and some errand runs are provided through contracts with area agencies and public transit providers. These transit fees are paid for along with any course fees by residents' SSI or pension benefits as arranged during enrollment.

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Social and Life Skills

Image of a Community Garden: Just as it takes many hands to make a garden grow, so does our strength come from community.

An important part of re-integrating into society is learning respect for oneself and others. Our homes provide a social context that teaches these lessons everyday, helping residents to re-integrate smoothly and become productive citizens.

It's All Clear

We Care Facilities brings clarity into the often confused lives of disadvantaged individuals by assisting with necessary life details which are neglected in homeless and transient situations. Our service provides nutritional management, medication reminders, and help with physical and mental health appointments, Medicaid taxis, and pharmacy pickups.

Strive for Home Pride

As part of our daily routine at WCF, residents work together with our staff to learn to keep a clean home environment and to prepare meals. By taking part in keeping their home clean and comfortable, our residents learn social cooperation, as well as important skills like time management and organization. Residents in our other affiliated facilities take part in the Brother's Keeper program, which pairs each participant with a roommate who serves as a mentor, teaching responsibility and providing ongoing support.

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Family Re-Connect

Amidst the financial and social difficulties that come with being chronically unemployed, homeless, or suffering from addictions; many disadvantaged individuals find themselves losing touch with those they love. Our Family Re-Connect program re-establishes broken bonds by re-building lines of communication between family members through home visits special events at holidays.

Spiritual Me

When the burdens of a difficult world overtake us, an active spiritual life can be the vessel that keeps us afloat in a sea of troubles. WCF residents are encouraged to take part in fellowship activities or one-one-one counseling, so they will know that they are not alone, and that together we can make our world better.

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Ticket To Work

Image: Planting green shoots for tomorrow

Re-entering the workforce after a period of disability or unemployment presents many challenges. Many newly employed individuals find themeselves "falling into the cracks," no longer eligible for crucial services, but still unable to pay for essentials like medical care on their own.

The Social Security Administration's Ticket to Work Program eases the transition to independence by allowing SSI and Social Security recipients to continue receiving their cash benefits and medical coverage even while re-entering the workforce. In cooperation with the SSA, Ticket To Work networks provide no-cost services such as:

  • Job search assistance
  • Vocational rehabilitiation
  • Career skills training
  • Employment referrals

As a Ticket to Work provider, WCF helps each of our residents set clear career goals, find the training they need, and connect with area employers, completing their smooth transition back to work and restoring a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

To find out more, go to http://ssa.gov/pubs/10061.html

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